Ever since I was a little girl I  have always had the desire to draw and paint as a natural impulse for my survival. Nevertheless my life as a painter began in October 1985 the day I was accepted at the École National Supérieure des Beaux Arts of Paris in the ‘Atelier de Dessins’ of Maître Senelar.

Above and below  the ‘Atelier Senelar’ I drew in 1987 at the time I was attending it . In this same studio Henry Matisse once taught , in fact once was called ‘Atelier Matisse’


1984 Greece, Skyathos, KELARI Gallery – “Gouaches”
1985 France, Paris, GRANDE MASSE Masse des Beaux-Arts – ” Silhouettes”
1986 Ireland, Kinsale, KEYSIDE Pottery – “Portraits”
1986 France, Paris, ATELIER Philippe Bezard – “Encres”
1987 France, DEAUVILLE, Groupe Show 1° Mention Speciale
1987 France, Paris, SALON D’AUTOMNE – “L’Attempte”
1990 Italy, Bagnoregio, SALA della CULTURA – “Anna Valdoni & Francesco Savorgnan”
1994 Italy, Rome, GALLERIA dell’ OCA. Collettiva, via dell’ Oca
2002 Italy, Bolsena, Anna Valdoni & Valeria Gallman -“Nell’Incontro Dei Colori”
2003 Italy, Civita di Bagnoregio. Galleria il CROGIUOLO
2004 Italy, Sorano, Il CORTILONE, Quarta Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea
2005 Italy, Sorano, Il CORTILONE, Quinta Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea
2006 Italy, Rome, CARAVANSERRAGLIO, Groupe Show, Piazza Mastai
2007 Italy, Rive del Garda HOTEL ASTORIAa cura di Elsa Gipponi -“Nautilus”
2008 Italy, Rome, Libreria BIBLI, Trastevere -“In-flussi”
2009 New Zealand, Waiheke Island COMMUNITY GALLERY-“Small Things”
2011 Italy Bolsena, VERNISSAGE Gallery, “A Retrospective”, Piazza San Rocco


2012 New Zealand, TAYLOR and JENSEN Art Gallery, Palmerston North,” Dreaming NZ
2012 New Zealand, International Women’s Day TE MANAWA Museum, Palmerston North
2012 New Zealand, EDITH Gallery, Ucol Wanganui, “Fallin’ In Love”
2013 New Zealand, SQUARE EDGE, Palmerston North “Cardboard as a Pictorial Language”
2014 New Zealand, TOIOHO KI APITI, Palmerston North, Postgraduate Diploma “Clepsydra”
2015 New Zealand, SNAILS Gallery, Palmerston North, “Lines of Longitude and the Octagon” 2016 New
Zealand, Waiheke Island COMMUNITY GALLERY, Group Show
2016 New Zealand, GULF PHOTOGRAPHY, Waiheke Island, “Island Summer Sketches”
2016 New Zealand, DEPOT Gallery, Group Show, Devonport
2106 New Zealand, CAN Community Gallery Napier, ‘A Parallel To Nature’
2017 New Zealand, MASTERPIECE Gallery Kerikeri, ‘Variation of Density”
2017 New Zealand, SPACE Studio & Gallery, Wanganui, ‘Synchronicity”
2018 New Zealand, DEPOT Gallery, Devonport Auckland New Works
2018 New Zealand, THE QUARRY Art Center, Whangarei, “Slash”
2019 New Zealand, TURNER CENTER, Kerikeri, “Vision In Motion”
2020 New Zealand, MAC Mairangi Art center, “Dream World”

2021 New Zealand , “Life is a Dream” -Solo Show , Waiheke Art Gallery

2021 New Zealand – ” In Gardens All Wet With Rain” Members Show


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