Toioho Ki Apiti- Master of Maori visual art- 2015
year 1- "Clepsydra"

Attending  Toioho Ki Apiti Maori Visual Art, on the Manawatū campus (Palmerston North, NZ )  was a fantastic experience. I found here artists equipped with great talent and poetic soul that allowed me to work with inspiration and serenity. I especially want to thank Robert Jahnke , Ngatai Taepa and Israel Tangaroa Birch.

‘He toi whakairo, he mana tangata.’ (Where there is artistic excellence, there is human dignity.)


Clepsydra is closely linked to the work I had engage throughout 2013: ”Cardboard as a Pictorial Language”, and lays foundations for my Wall Drawings Installations project. Color and shape give life to messages, signs, that sometimes recall emblems or hieroglyphics, other times flags or logos. My attempt is to decrypt and bring to light an idiom through shapes, mostly geometric, creating a door to meanings, feelings and emotions. I construct lines and color combinations on a flat surface or use paper or cardboard or other material to create shapes out of walls . Nature inspires me, puts me, like any other painter, in an emotional state that causes me an urgency to do something. The interaction with the environment is major to create communication. While I work I always improvise , constantly questioning the space and searching for solutions. Simultaneously I am conscious of the temporariness of it , everything is conditioned by the ceaseless becoming and by time.

Double wide 2016 'A Parallel to nature'

Double Wide – Immediate language, pleasure of communicating with the simplest means of expression, transmission of emotions through colored shapes on a surface. Transcription of the world. The content of my paintings is closely linked to my vision, my view of the things. It is a
de-materialization of this visions, a trace, not evidence. A visualization of inner movements, spiritual, philosophical, emotional. While I paint I ask myself what I want to see, what I want to express, and most of my decisions have roots in nature. Searching for the forms my choices are controlled by my intentions and inner yearning.

synchronicity 2017

Syncronicity speaks a bit about me and the connection between the Inner and the outer world. It is an invocation of “the eternal presence of the one creative act”(Jung) in which we are all continually sharing and participating.
Synchronicity is an expressions of the dreamlike nature of reality. There are moments in time when the timeless-dreamlike nature of the universe shines forth its radiance and openly reveals itself to us, offering  an open doorway to lucidity.

Waiheke Island sketches 2016
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