life is a dream 2020-21

Painting it’s an adventure, you don't know what you'll find at the end of the road. When I paint I feel like I'm only beginning to see things, to see them in a whole new light of revelation. There is play with time, you need a play for the viewer , you must not just look at the painting and you must work hard !

LIFE IS A DREAM is a close conversation with some European painters from 1300 to 1600, from Giotto to Piero della Francesca ,Titian, Rubens, up to 18th century with Fragonard. I have seen their works many times at the Louvre in Paris, in Florence at the Uffizi and in Rome , my hometown. Every time I am enchanted and hypnotized. Angels, princesses, knights, animals and plants intertwine in a dance unveiling some secret of existence . Living in New Zealand and having Europe with its art and its history so physically distant both relieves me and sharpens my sense of belonging . Drawing from the masters as well as drawing from nature, since my years at the School of Fine Arts in Paris, has  always been a constant exercise to keep alive the contact with line, color and movement. Swinging often from abstract to figurative what matters to me is to give life to my paintings. I like to try a variety of media . In these works I use Indian ink, charcoal, acrylic and pastels sometimes all in one painting. My art making process is simple and complex at the same time. I begin in doing a large number of drawings, sketches, watercolors. When I face the canvas my hand is trained and I am ready to face my visions. I always paint on two, three or even four different paintings simultaneously . Starting with a first layer of color I then draw some lines with charcoal or ink and back to color again. I try to follow my idea although I can go very far from it. The dialogue with the paintings begins, layers start to build up, sometimes I can get to what I want relatively fast sometimes it takes days or weeks. 


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